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Damaged or decayed teeth are usually taken care of using a filling or a different form of treatment when they are identified and managed promptly. Nevertheless, in the case that the damage spreads to the tooth's center (sometimes called the pulp), root canal treatment is occasionally needed to improve oral function and save the tooth from removal. A root canal is an advanced service provided at 286 Madison Dental to remove infected pulp tissue and seal off the damaged tooth to restore oral function. For convenience, we also offer one-visit root canals. One-visit means that you'll have an improved smile in a single appointment. Our team improves abscessed or centrally damaged teeth using gentle root canal therapy and offers sedation techniques to elevate patient relaxation further. When you find yourself with a decayed or infected tooth, reach out to our New York, NY facility as soon as possible to hear about the health advantages of specialized root canal therapy and one-visit root canals.

Infected tooth pulp can be attributed to severe tooth decay, a deep crack, or a wound. Our team will call for an x-ray and conduct an oral exam to decide if a root canal or another therapy is required to assuage tooth pain and regain your dental wellness. Often-occurring symptoms that can indicate the need for a root canal are stabbing or dull oral aches, other continual oral pain, pressure when eating, and sensitivity to elevated or mild temperatures. You may also see puffiness focused on the lower face or gums, a noticeable pustule near the gums, or discoloration of a tooth following a wound.

Superb dental care utilizing the latest technologies. I had implants and root canal work done. Dr. Shmueli is a great oral surgeon. Could not be happier with the results.

M.B. Google

I have been seeing the dentists at 286 Madison for about 3 years . i have had the full range of work done from simple filings to root canals to implants. As a person with a lifetime of soft teeth and many dentists over time, I am an experienced consumer of dentistry, and hold the dentists and their support st 286 Madison personnel in highest regard.

C.B. Google

The kindness and professionalism of the dentists and staff is to be commended. The office is always spotless and they have the most state of art technology. I was able to get my teeth cleaned and a root canal with crown all in the same day with minimum pain. And they work with you with whatever your insurance may not cover. I am very picky about who I let work on my teeth and this office, by far, is the best dentist office I have attended.

A.C. Google

I am so happy with the procedure that I had done today. The last time I had a root canal done was over 35 years ago. I was extremely nervous because I expected it to be painful but on the contrary it was totally painless during the procedure and after the procedure. Also the staff are very professional and friendly.

R.S. Google

Dr. Yang was very nice and was patient. He said that I should wait to get the root canal until I am more certain which tooth is the problem. It is hard to tell because both the adjacent teeth have a crown, and sensations spread across teeth. I was glad that Dr. Yang suggested that I wait.

J.H. Google


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The latest techniques are utilized to help boost a person's relaxation throughout a root canal treatment. At 286 Madison Dental, root canals are performed with local anesthesia, which can be combined with sedation approaches to allow for further ease. One-visit root canals are also offered so you can have your tooth infection addressed in a single appointment. Once the tooth loses its feeling, we will position a screen to safeguard the patient's oral structures. The affected tooth will then be accessed through a tiny hole created in the upper part of the tooth. The pulp, which contains the nerve center and blood storage inside of every tooth, will be taken out, and the inner canal will be restructured using handheld endodontic tools before being completely disinfected. Our team can then seal the treated tooth with a medical-grade substance and finish it off with an anesthetic filling to encourage the rehabilitation period.

Whatever dental discomfort you were dealing with prior to your endodontic procedure should begin to decrease as soon as the root canal is done. We can also utilize over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce discomfort or inflammation after your procedure. We'll plan a checkup consultation at our New York City office a few weeks later so we can monitor your healing. Teeth corrected with endodontic therapy are at a greater risk of damage and frequently need the shielding properties of a crown once completely healed. When necessary, we may design a custom-made restoration to restore the wellness and natural look of the tooth.

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Generally, this form of treatment is covered in part by medical insurance plans. An individual on our business team will call your provider and relay any remaining personal costs. At 286 Madison Dental, our team is pleased to take multiple convenient payment options and could help you find easy medical financing solutions.

Chipped or abscessed teeth could cause a wide range of oral and total wellness concerns when neglected or not addressed. Nevertheless, due to developments in today's dental care, a root canal offered at 286 Madison Dental could be a great solution to save your tooth and, ultimately, your dental health. Reach out to our practice in New York, NY to plan an appointment with our team and discover more about our specialized root canal treatment.

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