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Seeking professional care for missing teeth is necessary for the general wellness and function of the mouth. To allow New York City patients to safely move past extracted or missing teeth, we're incredibly thrilled to provide natural-looking dental implants for tooth restoration. A fixed implant is composed of a sturdy screw that serves as an artificial tooth root, and a specially crafted crown, bridge, or full arch which takes the place of the erupted part of the missing tooth (or a few teeth). When you suffer from missing teeth or require a tooth extraction, schedule a dental exam at 286 Madison Dental in New York, NY and find out about your fixed implant possibilities.

Customized implants can take the place of any number of deteriorated teeth, from a single tooth to multiple teeth. You may be an excellent candidate for oral implants if you suffer from missing teeth, need extractions, or have issues with your present replacement. In order to work successfully, dental implants require enough jawbone support, healthy gums, and a stable oral environment. Certain people could require additional services before they are considered ideal candidates. Dental implants may not be appropriate if you are an expecting mother, a tobacco user, or have specific medical issues. During your session, our team can help determine if dental implants are ideal for you.

Superb dental care utilizing the latest technologies. I had implants and root canal work done. Dr. Shmueli is a great oral surgeon. Could not be happier with the results.

M.B. Google

I have been seeing the dentists at 286 Madison for about 3 years . i have had the full range of work done from simple filings to root canals to implants. As a person with a lifetime of soft teeth and many dentists over time, I am an experienced consumer of dentistry, and hold the dentists and their support st 286 Madison personnel in highest regard.

C.B. Google

Today I had 2 implants put in by Dr. Kaufman. I was very nervous having this procedure done for the first time. I have to say that Dr Kaufman put my nerves at ease with his very kind and gentle demeanor. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything along the way. I went through this procedurexwith no pain whatsoever. I would highly recommend him and give him a 5 star recommendation !!!

L.B. Google

Most knowledgable,kind,considerate dentist I ever encountered. Astonishing how he quickly evaluated my many dental problems He pretty much rebuilt my mouth,saving many ,many teeth enabling me to eat,as I'm not a candidate for implants.Truth be told. Jeff

J.C. Google

Dr. Shmuley and staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable in their office. I showed up with no 2 front teeth heart broken and fearful of needing implants that I just couldn’t afford. With his great expertise he was able to preform phenomenal work and save the little bit of teeth that remained. Within 3 visits including my consultation I was out of there with a beautiful smile. (2nd visit he 3D printed temporaries for me) I have never had such a pleasurable dental experience in my life. He truly cares for his patients and eegly (sorry if I spelt your name wrong) you are amazing!!

J.W. Google


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The methodology for fixed implants consists of the careful positioning of the implant and the attachment of a lifelike replacement (such as full-arch pieces, crowns, or bridges). As soon we prep your mouth for treatment, it is dulled with anesthesia. Oral-conscious or IV dentistry could also be utilized to allow you to feel more comfortable during your surgery. The metal post will be surgically set within the bone at a certain location and allotted a period of time to become one with the tissue via a phenomenon referred to as osseointegration. Once the treatment site has completely healed (commonly at least six months afterward), our team will position a unique fixed crown, denture, or full-arch piece and analyze the jaw's alignment.

People who receive this surgery may have minor swelling, bruising, and pain near the impacted area. Prescription or drugstore pain meds and cool compresses can help lessen some post-op discomfort. When the metal implant has integrated with the jaw and the custom restoration is positioned, it's important to stick to a great dental cleaning schedule with efficient tooth brushing and flossing techniques. When individuals visit 286 Madison Dental for their twice-yearly dental sessions, our team will utilize special dental tools to clean their implants and monitor the state of their restorations.

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Part of your dental implant treatment or crown, bridge, or denture may be covered by insurance, based on the plan. A member of our finance team will contact your provider and ensure we fully use your coverage before calculating any extra costs. At 286 Madison Dental in New York, NY, we hope to help you get the best possible attention for your smile and take a range of easy payment solutions, including dental financing programs.

With the advancements in contemporary dental technology, there are several ways to treat the loss of teeth with the natural visual appeal and function of implants. Our team is excited to provide implant-supported denture, crown, and bridge options as long-lasting tooth replacements to New York City individuals. To find out about your possibilities for replacing extremely damaged or lost teeth, arrange your appointment at 286 Madison Dental today.

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