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Our team is skilled at crown lengthening to enhance the overall look and health of your smile. Crown lengthening can be confusing to some since it sounds like it involves adding length to the tooth. A more accurate term would be crown exposure because some of the gum tissue is cut away to reveal more of the tooth. If you want to fix a "gummy" smile, you might consider crown lengthening for aesthetic reasons. It may also be done if not enough of your tooth is visible to hold a dental filling, crown, or another restoration. Schedule an appointment at 286 Madison Dental in New York, NY to learn more.

If you are considering crown lengthening, you should be in good overall health, especially regarding the gums. Issues like gum (periodontal) disease may have to be addressed before crown lengthening can be performed. Crown lengthening is often requested for aesthetic reasons to fix a "gummy" smile. In these instances, our NYC dental team could remove excess gum tissue to balance the ratio of visible enamel to gums and offer you a more even gumline. For other patients, crown lengthening may also be required to perform a dental restoration. Our team may want to uncover more of your tooth to be able to place a bridge, crown, or filling.

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Local anesthesia is applied to the treated regions to reduce pain and discomfort to begin the crown lengthening procedure. You may talk about other sedation methods with our team in your initial consultation to help keep you calm and comfortable throughout the process. Once your mouth is prepared, your gum tissue will be cut away to show more of your enamel gradually, and the gumline will be shaped for a lifted and even look. As soon as our team has finished the process, we will seal the gums to stop any bleeding and clean your mouth.

After your procedure, your gums may be sore and inflamed. Nonprescription pain relievers and cold compresses can be used to minimize your discomfort, but our team can prescribe antibiotics and/or pain medication. Adhering to a liquid or soft food diet can be helpful for many days while your gums heal. You ought to clean your mouth with soft brushing and mouthwash, but avoid dental floss. Sometimes, you may need another appointment at 286 Madison Dental to monitor your healing. Our team will also continuously assess your gums and oral health at your annual dental examination.

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The cost for a crown lengthening procedure will differ depending on why it is needed. Dental insurance companies may cover a part of the cost in some situations, but they might not. In any event, our financial team will get in touch with your provider to ascertain your personal expenses before discussing your payment choices. If you don't have insurance, our team can help estimate your expenses at your consultation and give you more information on medical financing, which may help make your dental treatments more affordable.

If you need to restore your oral health or you want to improve your smile, learn more about crown lengthening at 286 Madison Dental. By eliminating gum tissue, it is possible to enhance the appearance of a "gummy" smile or prepare your teeth for a restoration. Schedule a consultation with our team to determine if you're a candidate for restorative or cosmetic crown lengthening at 286 Madison Dental in New York, NY.

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