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Periodontal (gum) disease is a condition of inflammation in the gums, which can cause serious damage to your oral health. There are three stages of periodontal disease that range from mild to advanced. The first stage is gingivitis, which is brought on by a buildup of plaque in the gum pockets. If not treated, gingivitis may develop into the next stage, called periodontitis, which affects the bone and fibers that support your tooth roots. Advanced periodontitis is the final phase of periodontal disease, which can cause loose or lost teeth. To deal with gum disease, 286 Madison Dental provides nonsurgical and surgical treatments based on the intensity of the disease, including antibiotics, scaling and root planing, gum grafts, gum surgery, and tooth extraction. If you have symptoms of periodontal infection, contact our office in New York, NY to schedule an examination with our team.

The earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis, is difficult to discover on your own, which is why it's very important to schedule yearly dental examinations at 286 Madison Dental. This allows our team to check your gum pockets so we can diagnose and address the problem before it impacts your mouth and overall wellness. As gum disease worsens, signs include red or swollen gums, bleeding due to regular flossing and brushing, separated or receded gums, and persistent halitosis (bad breath). In the subsequent stages of gum disease, you might also experience pain when chewing or sensitivity to hot and cold foods. It's necessary to schedule a dental appointment if you're experiencing any of these signs, so our dental professionals can address the disease before it spreads.

Best experience at a dentist office yet.  I gave up my "prominent" dentist (who if I ever saw again I’d probably punch him in his face) to go to this office based on Yelp reviews.  All the receptionists are fantastic, upbeat ladies with smiles and personality, Dr. Kaufman was positive, honest yet soft-spoken about what needed to be done as I had developed periodontal gum disease.  He did an awesome job with the deep cleaning.  And as for Dr. Kimon, he did a fantastic job shaving down some teeth and giving me a veneer on a front tooth I had broken; made them look symmetrical and color matches perfectly :)As for pricing - I’ll be honest, I paid cash, they cut me a couple discounts and did the work very well, in timely fashion; they run their office smoothly and quickly getting to clients and getting the work done "Properly".  As for my prior "award winning" prior dentist, he would have given me the scientific evolution speech, showed me a bunch of song and dance imagery and light show about what needs to be done then charge me double what Madison Dental charged.  I don’t write reviews; I think majority of dentists are rip-offs who love to overcharge you, so for me to write this should tell you - I had a great experience here with everyone, the fair pricing and the quality of work.  Very happy I took a leap of faith and went to this dentistry practice.  Plus, the receptionists are cool and actually have personalities.. makes you feel comfortable from the get go. I can smile again ;)

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Treatment for gum disease is dependent on the seriousness of the disease. If our NYC dental team determines you have periodontal disease, we will discuss and craft your treatment plan. For cases caught early, scaling and root planing (SRP) is usually done to clean out the pockets of the gums. In more advanced cases, an antibiotic may be taken in addition to numerous SRP treatments. Acute cases of periodontal disease will generally require a surgical procedure such as regenerative (grafting) or pocket reduction.

Depending on your condition and treatment program, your recovery time will vary. You may need to schedule several appointments at 286 Madison Dental to correct your gum disease. Once your dental health has been restored, you must continue attending routine dental examinations and cleanings at 286 Madison Dental. You should also keep a daily home dental hygiene routine, which includes brushing and flossing. Our team may recommend an antibacterial toothpaste or mouthwash to decrease your chance of re-developing gum disease.

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The cost of periodontal disease therapy will depend upon the severity of the disease as well as the procedures required. If you are using dental insurance, then our office will contact your insurance company to ascertain what they pay and if there'll be any extra costs. For patients without insurance, 286 Madison Dental accepts many payments and we will be able to help you find low-interest medical financing. Questions about costs? Please speak to our team through your consultation. Not going to the dentist due to financial concerns may lead to larger problems and much more costly therapies.

Gum disease will worsen if you don't get the correct treatment, so it is necessary to seek professional help as soon as any signs occur. At 286 Madison Dental, we work with you to renew your gum health and avoid future instances of infection. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our team, please get in touch with our office in New York, NY.

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