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Even if you are brushing and flossing your teeth perfectly at home, it can still be beneficial to have a professional dental cleaning at 286 Madison Dental twice a year. We utilize advanced equipment for our bi-annual professional cleanings. The cleanings treat tartar and plaque that has built up, and the enamel is polished for a brighter, healthier smile. After your treatment, you can ask for tips on caring for your teeth at home and learn if any areas need extra care. A professional dental cleaning will allow our team to look for any areas of concern in your mouth that might require maintenance. Getting a dental cleaning is a crucial step in maintaining your dental health, so schedule an appointment for yourself and your family at our New York, NY location.

The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests people schedule professional dental cleanings twice yearly. Children should have their first dental exam before they turn one. A professional cleaning may help you avoid cavities because plaque buildup, the biggest reason for tooth decay, is removed. A professional cleaning will also address stains and tartar on your enamel. If you want to freshen your breath, brighten your smile, improve your overall health, and save money in the long run, make an appointment for a professional cleaning at 286 Madison Dental.

I did a cleaning treatment yesterday and it was excellent. The service is amazing and the aesthetics are excellent. The opinion of the attending physician is very professional and I will return to them for more treatments. I have been to a number of dental clinics in the city and this is definitely a top clinic

M.B. Google

The hygentist did an awesome job cleaning my teeth and giving me educational tips and information. I highly recommend the hygentist at this office.

C.M. Google

I had a cleaning here and it was a very pleasant experience! I don't enjoy going to the dentist and avoid it for as long as I can, so my teeth weren't in the best shape. The hygienist was extremely thoughtful throughout the cleaning to ensure I wasn't experiencing any pain, and walked me through what she was seeing and how I could improve my oral health. Dr. Shmuely was very helpful as he described the next steps of what services I would require and why. I often feel dentists try to upcharge/oversell services, but I didn't experience that here. Will be returning soon and am no longer scared!

M.P. Google

Daniella is the best for cleanings!! She always makes me feel comfortable and my teeth always come out shining. Somehow she makes it completely painless! 100% recommend her and Dr. Shmuely :)

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Efficient, friendly staff and doctors located in a convenient area! Recommend for standard cleaning, deep cleaning, and Invisalign. Tenured professionals and timely appointments.

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Your cleaning will begin by addressing the plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, which can be difficult to remove on your own, no matter how often you brush and floss. Professional instruments are used to carefully scale buildup without affecting the enamel. To start, a device with ultrasonic technology breaks up bigger areas of plaque and tartar with high-speed vibrations and a lubricating mist. Next, a fine handheld instrument like a scaler or curette will remove the remaining pieces. Each tooth needs to be scaled to get all the tartar and plaque. Once your teeth are scaled, we will polish the enamel to remove stains. A fluoride treatment will be performed after the cleaning if needed or requested.

Our team may suggest cleanings more often for some patients with concerns such as gum disease. During your appointment, our team or an assistant can help you develop a routine for good oral health at home by recommending dental products and demonstrating techniques that will focus on your needs. These can be advantageous for your teeth, overall health, and wallet, so attend your dental appointments at our New York City office.

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A dental cleaning is a preventive treatment, so it's usually covered by insurance. A member of our office will contact your dental insurance to understand your specific coverage before we charge for any remaining amount. If you do not have insurance, you can talk to our team about different payments we take, including medical financing.

Keep your teeth healthy and bright with dental cleanings twice per year at 286 Madison Dental in New York, NY. Our dental team helps adults and teens boost their total health with professional cleanings to remove plaque and tartar buildup. As an essential procedure in any proactive dental care plan, a dental cleaning can keep you and your family from pain and extensive treatments later. Contact our office to schedule a cleaning today.

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