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Attending yearly oral evaluations allows you to take a preemptive position to sustain the health of your smile. An annual dental exam at 286 Madison Dental diagnoses tooth decay, gum disease, cancer of the mouth, and different issues that may be influencing your dental and overall health. Typically conducted at regular teeth cleaning visits, standard exams let our team assess the teeth, gum line, arch alignment, jaw joints, and other oral needs. These exams can be the best path to identify and treat dental disorders immediately. Come in for a comprehensive dental examination at our New York, NY practice to maintain the health and visual appeal of your smile.

Reportedly, 50,000 people in this country are affected by oral cancer every year. However, this disorder may be incredibly manageable if identified promptly. Oral cancer is a quickly expanding growth of cells that might occur anywhere inside or around the oral cavity, such as on the mouth, mid-face, tongue, salivary glands, jawbone, and neck, along with additional oral areas. Our dental team performs an oral cancer screening during each comprehensive exam to look for nonmalignant tumors, cancerous growths, or other developments. A few of the usual indications of oral tumors include abrasions, bumps, convex or textured areas, and discolored patches of tissue. Any spots of concern could be excised and biopsied, or we could refer you to a physician for more advanced treatment.

High quality, comprehensive dental care. Great team of doctors, hygienists, and assistants. Can’t go wrong here.

P.E. Google

so friendly, never have to wait for my turn, and they really pay attention to preventative care.

H.B. Google

I was a loyal 4 year patient and due to a change of jobs which resulted in a change of insurance I was unable to continue with Dr. Shmuely. After 3 years of mediocre dental care and a new insurance I returned back to genuine patient care and am happy to return. Dr.Shmuely knows his patients and is not just a doctor, he cares and gives you the best advice and tips for your care and also great advice on life!

L.D. Google

Dr. Shmuely has become like family to my family! We are very appreciative of the "wholistic" dental care approach of Dr. Shmuely and his office: Iggly their dental assistant; dental hygienist Daniella & all their colleagues: Specifically Talia \ Tamar & other front office colleagues who know how to deal with insurance claims which to me is another language; however they work with you and explain everything. This wholistic approach has restored my dental health beyond a shadow of doubt! Their dental practice by being disciplined and sticking to a solid dental health plan has helped transform my dental health care to: 1) One in which my gums are much healthier 2) My older crowns are slowly but surely being replaced mitigating infection from decay buildup 3) All procedures are fully explained which to me is important 4) Lastly having quarterly dental hygienist cleanings. In additional to this very professional dental experience their practice also focuses on the what I call humanistic approach: I commented to Dr. Shmuely: 1) That it is such a nice touch for his dental practice to send out a congratulations happy birthday recognition. It exemplifies the extra patient relationship they build with their patients. This also translates into excellent dental care by sticking to the basics of doing the right thing! 2) In addition the office takes every COVID 19 precaution possible. 3) I feel it is also a great testimonial that Dr. Shmuely is a part time professor at NYU dental school. One of the premiere dental schools in our nation. This tells me he remains on the cutting edge state of the art dental practices \ procedures and technologies. I continue to say: one cannot speak more highly of the prompt & professional treatment we receive from Dr. Shmuely. From the front desk staff greeting to the x-ray technician and working with Dr. Shmuely. I particularly liked the sound step by step treatment plans they both put together for me. They clearly communicated as well as addressed all my questions and concerns. Thank you again, Dr. Shmuely along with your staff and believe it or not I am looking forward to continuing my dental care. Regards, Bruce & Marta Vapnitsky

B.V. Google

Dr. Kimon, and indeed everyone at Downtown Dental, is very competent and pleasant. I couldn't ask for better dental care. My only complaint was the 4% charge they instituted for credit-card payments. My other medical professionals and even every schlock store in the area don't do this. Who carries around a checkbook these days?

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Individuals of all ages, need to get oral checkups at least once yearly for general care. Dental exams might also be conducted in our New York City dental practice to evaluate tooth discomfort, injury, or further concerns that can form between exams. Gum disease, the primary cause of missing teeth and decay, may not cause clear signs to manifest until the more advanced stages. When dental issues are diagnosed right away, our staff can typically provide less intensive procedures for care.

The ADA (also known as the American Dental Association) states that all young patients should see a dental care provider before they are one year old. To help children at this early age, we can help with various issues (such as teething and thumb-sucking) and aid you in cleaning your young one's teeth and gum tissues as their jaws evolve. Regular comprehensive dental exams can help establish effective oral practices and enable them to attain bright smiles for a lifetime.

Dental exams at 286 Madison Dental get started with an overview of your dental history. A team member might also talk about any health concerns or aesthetic smile goals you have to discover more about your overall dental wellness. During certain routine exams, our dental team could offer a set of detailed x-rays to grant us greater knowledge of the health of your teeth and bone tissues. We could then screen for oral cancer, check the balance of your arches and temporomandibular joints, and examine your teeth for decay and the fit of any dental appliances. A gum exam can also be conducted to find possible spots of periodontal disease.

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Good oral hygiene habits (like routine toothbrushing after meals and flossing at least once daily) may help reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease. Our team performs routine oral exams at least once per year, generally during a patient's biannual teeth cleaning appointments; however, we could suggest exams more often for patients with severe oral wellness concerns. To meet your unique smile goals, the team performs many comprehensive treatments, such as state-of-the-art dental fillings, dentures, and porcelain veneers. If needed, our staff will help you set up check-in sessions.

Dental exams are considered preventive solutions and are usually covered by dental insurance plans. Before your checkup, a professional on our business team will examine your program and inform you of any likely out-of-pocket expenses. 286 Madison Dental is excited to accept a number of easy payment options to help assure that men, women, and their families can get high-quality care.

Getting a nice smile is more than only seeing a dental practitioner when you are experiencing something abnormal. Routine dental exams at 286 Madison Dental create a path for prompt detection and care for dental issues and are necessary for protecting your smile. Plan your family's thorough dental evaluations with our dental team at our New York, NY facility!

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